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Amish-made Candles

     Our Amish shop features handmade Amish candles in a variety of colors and scents. Colored and scented throughout. Long burning.

For a complete line of hand-waxed LED Candles please visit Katie's Home Style.

Votive Candles

- Each votive burns 15 hours - price is for a box of 12.
(shown in picture in votive cup holder which is sold separately).

Rose Votives - $12.95 Add To Cart

French Vanilla Votives - $12.95 Add To Cart

Wrought Iron Votive Cup Holders

     Our Amish made black wrought iron votive cup holders will add dimension and charm to your votive decorating and burning.

3-Tier Heart Votive Cup holder with 3 Flowerpot Votive cups and 3 French Vanilla votive candles (not pictured). (approx. 12" high)  $19.95 Add To Cart


Heart Shaped Votive Holder with flowerpot glass votive cup and French Vanilla votive candle.
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The Courting Candle was used by a young girl's father when her suitor came "a courtin'."  If he liked the suitor, the father might set the candle on one of the higher rings, giving the couple a long visit.   If the young man wasn't a favorite, the candle would be set on a lower ring allowing just a short visit.  When the candle burned down to the metal, courtin' time was over.  Complete with one candle.  Courting Candle  - $13.95  Add To Cart

Tear Drop Votive Holder. Includes one flowerpot glass votive cup- $13.95  Add To Cart


 We ship only to USA addresses.

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