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Handcrafted Amish Ceramic Dinnerware and Redware Plates
Handmade by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

     On a farm in the heart of the Amish country in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, an Amish gentleman quietly and skillfully creates beautiful ceramic plates, bowls, pitchers, sugar bowls, creamers, butter dishes, and other dinnerware of all sizes and shapes.  The barn, which once held his herd of cows and horses, has been converted into an artisan's ceramic studio.  Each piece is carefully molded, painted, and kiln-fired.  Then, the design and glaze are added to each ceramic piece and into the kiln they go for a second firing ... it's a beautiful thing!
Please note: Some items may take up to two weeks for delivery.  If you are in a rush, please call or email for delivery schedule for your item.

http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicsprep1.jpg (129666 bytes) http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicsprep2.jpg (117985 bytes)
Ceramic pieces take shape and are prepared for the kiln.

Click on pictures for an enlarged view.  Use back button to return here.

http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicspostkiln1.jpg (119132 bytes)  http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicskiln.jpg (94409 bytes)  http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicspostkiln2.jpg (115885 bytes)
The kiln.
After being kiln-fired, the ceramic pieces await the application of designs and glaze, then it's back into the kiln for a final firing.
The result is Handcrafted Ceramics.

Navy Trim with Muted Blue Rose Collection (NMBR)
Note: Please allow 2>3 weeks for delivery.


Click on pictures for an enlarged view.  Use back button to return here.

http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramiccanister.jpg (87971 bytes)<<<<Oval Cannister 4-Piece Set(*Sizes given below) NMBR (#1) $119.95 -Add To Cart
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicsivyteapot.jpg (76607 bytes)<<<<Tea Pot (shown in Ivy design) NMBR (#2) $49 -Add To Cart
Large Sugar Bowl NMBR (#3) $29 -Add To Cart
Large Creamer NMBR (#4) $25 -Add To Cart
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicbutdish.jpg (73749 bytes)<<<<Butter Dish NMBR (#5) $29 -Add To Cart
Gravy Boat NMBR (#6) $29 -Add To Cart
Small Sugar Bowl NMBR (#7) $19 -Add To Cart
Small Creamer NMBR (#8) $14 -Add To Cart
Salt & Pepper Shakers NMBR (#9) $25 -Add To Cart
Dinner Plate NMBR (#10) $19 -Add To Cart
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicsminibowl.jpg (58830 bytes)http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicminipitchbwl.jpg (61025 bytes)<<<<Mini Pitcher & Bowl NMBR (#11) $16 -Add To Cart
Flower Vase NMBR (#12) $29 -Add To Cart
Cookie Jar NMBR (#13) $49 -Add To Cart
Kitchen Utensil Holder NMBR (#14) $35 -Add To Cart
Spoon Rest NMBR (#15) $19 -
Add To Cart
Cup & Saucer NMBR (#16) $19 -Add To Cart
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramicteapotclk.jpg (109423 bytes)<<<<Tea Pot Clock (uses 1 AA battery) NMBR (#18) $49 -Add To Cart
Medium Pitcher & Bowl (shown below) NMBR (#19) $35 -Add To Cart
Platter Plate (not shown above) NMBR (#20) $29 -
Add To Cart
Round Kitchen Utensil Holder NMBR (#21) $33 -Add To Cart
Small Egg Plate (shown below) NMBR (#26) $27 -Add To Cart
Round Canister Set (shown below) NMBR (#28) $119.95 -
Add To Cart
Oval Egg Plate NMBR (#30) $39 -
Add To Cart
Gem Canister Set of 4 (shown below) NMBR (#33) $119.95 -Add To Cart
X-Large Pitcher & Bowl NMBR (#38) $75 -Add To Cart
Water Set-Pitcher & 6 Tumblers (shown below) NMBR (#46) $69 -Add To Cart
Canister Set size is: largest to smallest in height= 7", 6.25", 5-3/8", 4.5" the lid adds 1.5" > 2"
largest to smallest in width at top= 6.5", 5/5", 4.5", 3.5" Bottom is 1" wider than top.

All Ceramic dinnerware can be ordered in several designs and colors.  
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/ceramictwotonerose.jpg (31084 bytes)

Please specify your choice of Design and Trim Color in the Comment Box that appears during the Checkout process.

TRIM COLORS are: Navy, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Blue Teal, Lavender, Burgundy, and Rose.

DESIGNS are pictured below and include: Two Tone Roses, Blue Roses, Muted Blue Rose, Muted Plum Rose, Burgundy Rose, Navy, Muted Yellow Rose, Muted Plum Rose, Ivy, Plum Rose, and Pansies.

Handcrafted Redware Plates

     Each authentic PA Dutch Redware Plate is designed freehand then hand carved, hand painted, glazed and fired. Pieces are ovenproof and dishwasher safe. These beautiful handcrafted redware plates are both useful and decorative. Pie Plates - 10" Diameter x 1 1/4" Deep.

Heart Pie Plate Red Slipware - $59.95

Add To Cart

Double Distelfink Anniversary Plate
Please call 484-722-8259 or email shopkeeper@amishshop.com to place your order.

    http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/plateanniv.jpg (131143 bytes) The Double Distelfink symbolizes a long and happy marriage.  This beautiful plate makes a wonderful gift to help celebrate a wedding anniversary for years to come.  The plate can be customized with the couple's name and date. Plate is 10" diameter.
     Note: If ordering the Custom Plate please indicate the names and date in the comment box which will appear during the checkout process.  We will contact you to confirm your information.  A minimum of three weeks is needed to create your Custom Anniversary Plate

Click on pictures for an enlarged view.  Use back button to return here.

http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/redannivcust.jpg (135250 bytes)Double Distelfink Anniversary Plate (Plain) $99.95-Add To Cart

Double Distelfink Anniversary Plate
(Custom) $129.95-Add To Cart

(sample custom plate)

 We ship only to USA addresses.

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