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Funnel Cake Mix - Make A Pennsylvania Dutch Favorite!

Funnel Cakes or "plow-lines" have been a favorite of Pennsylvania Dutch folks for generations. This authhentic light pastry mix is quick and easy to make - just add water. Funnel cake is a delicious old-fashioned pastry that you can enjoy for breakfast, as a snack, or for dessert. Serve with maple syrup, ice cream, fruit toppings, a tart jelly, or simply sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Funnel Cake batter is a great batter for dipping fruits, veggies and hot dogs: add your choice of seasonings, and fry. Cooks in one minute in vegetable oil or shortening. Two lb. package makes about 40 funnel cakes.

Directions: Mix well with water (13½ oz. per 1 lb. of mix) to desired consistency. Pour through funnel into hot oil (350° F.). Fry 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown and turn. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Funnel Cake Mix - 2 lb. Bag $6.95