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Amish-made Elevated Dog Feeder

Raise your dog’s food and improve its health! Veterinarians recommend elevating your dogs food to improve digestion. Because your dog does not have to bend down as far, muscles and joints are more relaxed and digestion is improved. This beautiful solid wood elevated dog feeder comes in 5 sizes to ensure adequate food quantity for any size dog.
  • Available in pint, quart, 2, and 3 quart sizes
  • Oak, Brown Maple*
  • Available in Provincial, Harvest and Golden Oak stains. View colors

   *Brown Maple is paint-grade maple with a dark stain applied to cover the natural defects in maple. This is a cost-effective alternative that has the look of dark cherry wood.  

Please call 484-722-8259 or email us for more information. Include your zip code if seeking a price quote with shipping.

Elevated Pint Dog Feeder - 3" High. $49

Elevated Quart Dog Feeder – 6" High $65

Elevated Quart Dog Feeder – 9" High $89

Elevated 2 Quart Dog Feeder – 12" High $99

Elevated 3 Quart Dog Feeder – 15" High $109