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Vivant Incendio E-Nail Vaporizer

by Vivant
  • All-Glass Heating Element
  • Glass Bubbler
  • SiO2 Glass
  • 5000mAh Battery
  • Temperature Control
  • Enail Mode
  • Wattage Mode
  • 510-Threaded
  • 10 Second Heating

Vivant Incendio E-Nail Vaporizer $139.99 (Includes Shipping) -    Add To Cart

About Vivant

Birthed in Orange County, California late November 2016, Vivant was created based off the idea of living the good life. We consider our team and the individuals who utilize our product a family. We operate daily based on the concept of doing what we love and loving what we do. The team members at Vivant consists of some of the finest research and development minds in the industry, highly trained and extremely talented product designers/engineers, skilled sales professionals and powerful leaders that learned to lead by following.It is our goal to bring into the industry the most affordable, functional and reliable products. We also pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and will be a call away when in need. Not only do we rely on our masterminds to create products, we are also a company that actually listens to the community. We strive to create products based on what the community wants, needs and loves.