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Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Water Pipe

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds
Battleship Water Pipe

By Famous Brandz

  • Triple-Stacked Percolators
  • Tilted Neck
  • Use With Herb and Wax
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • 14mm Ground Glass Connection
  • Herb and Wax Compatible
  • 12.6" Length

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship
Water Pipe $279.99 (Includes Shipping)

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds
Battleship Water Pipe Red $279.99
(Includes Shipping)
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Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds
Battleship Water Pipe Clear $279.99
(Includes Shipping)
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Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds
Battleship Water Pipe White $279.99
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Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds
Battleship Water Pipe Black $279.99
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Snoop Pounds Battleship Water Pipe

The Battleship from Pounds by Snoop Dogg was made to go to war against rigs that don't provide exceptionally pure, smooth hits. Designed by Snoop Dogg himself, the Battleship has two turbine vortex discs surrounding a diffusion disc, the Battleship hits hard but with a silky smooth delivery. Equipped with two kinds of armament: a quartz bucket or quartz nail with the dome, purists will love the amazing flavor quartz conveys. A custom Pounds glass dabber and heavy-duty housing that won't shake nor break your prized possession round out this amazing kit. 

How it Works

Fill the Battleship up with water just below the bottom vortex disc. Adjust water level to your liking! Heat quartz bucket or nail until hot enough, replace dome if using the quartz nail, then apply your concentrates to the bucket or nail as you draw.


Snoop Dogg isn’t going to slap his likeness on just any cheap, run-of-the-mill pipe. The entire Snoop Dogg Pounds line is crafted with care and input from the Dogfather himself. The Pounds water pipes are made from the ground up, quite literally, to be some of the sturdiest and well-built glass water pipes on the market.

Starting from the extremely thick bases, all the pipes in the Snoop Dogg Pounds line feature foundations which will keep even the longest of water pipes, like the Battleship, upright and stable. The tubes are all made from wide diameter, high-quality glass. Featuring different combinations of diffusers and percolators, each piece is a unique piece of are in and of itself. Like a snowflake, each member of the Snoop Dogg Pounds line has been designed to provide a totally unique experience to the user.


Holding not one, not two, but three honeycomb and turbine percolators in its hold, the Famous Brandz Battleship delivers triple the moisture-conditioning in each rip. Pressure from each inhalation forces smoke through tiny airholes in the percolator that diffuse it into the water chamber to remove irritants and add moisture. This process is repeated thrice to produce a truly smooth, cool, and clean draw every session. The percolators and water chamber are easy to clean using a pipe-friendly solution, promising long-lasting performance.


The unique honeycomb turbine percolators combine the technology of percolation with diffusion for smooth pulls with an extremely easy draw. The secret to their cloud pulling powers lies in the combination of these powerful methods of cooling and filtering smoke. When stacked together, the user gets the best of both diffusion and percolation for the biggest hits imaginable.

Percolators work by increasing the volume of water in your water pipe and combining to create extra air pockets. The space between the percolators allows for additional air cooling to meld air and liquid cooling together. The larger amount of water your smoke is drawn through, the cooler the smoke will ultimately be when it reaches the users lips. The caveat to this, is that by increasing the volume of water, you introduce drag to the intake. Additional drag makes it harder for the user to pull smoke through the length of the water pipe. Percolators avoid this, by breaking the body of water up into smaller, compartmentalized chambers. This keeps the draw easy and the smoke cool.

Diffusers on the other hand, work by breaking up the resulting bubbles into smaller ones, which improves the draw even further. Smaller bubbles create a smoother experience, especially when compared to pipes which don’t use diffusion, which often feel “boggy.”


Designer Snoop Dogg spared no expense in making his masterpiece, the Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship. This large and in charge water pipe is constructed with high grade borosilicate glass. With the highest level of thermal resistance available, the Battleship and its components will not crack or break, nor will the interior "rub off" unwanted flavors or odors onto your rips. Rather, the inert nature of the borosilicate will preserve every essential flavor note and aroma found in dry herb. Charge into battle and enjoy huge rips with no damage sustained, only consistent performance worthy of the name Famous Brandz.


Seamlessly switch between the borosilicate glass herb bowl or the quartz bucket with dome and nail. The high-grade quartz crystal bucket is not reactive to heat, preserving the best flavors. The triple stacked percolators can handle high temperature clouds from both materials, taming the gnarliest hits into smooth and mellow draws. This Snoop Dogg Pounds water pipe is battle-ready for any mission you take it on.

What's in the Box

    • 1 x Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Water Pipe
    • 1 x Quartz Bucket
    • 1 x Quartz Nail
    • 1 x Quartz Dome
    • 1 x Herb Bowl
    • 1 x Glass Tool


Dimensions: 5.5 x 8 x 15 in.
Weight: 4.50 lbs.
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs, Waxes