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Bismoline Medicated Powder


Bismoline Medicated Powder

  • Developed over 100 years ago
  • A general-purpose medicated talcum powder
  • Aids in the prevention and relief of minor skin irritations
  • At a price everyone can afford
  • An aid in the prevention of diaper rash and chafing
  • For soothing and comforting prickly heat
  • Use to reduce irritation, chafing, itching, and wetness
  • Relieves hot, itching feet
  • Provides deodorant action

Bismoline Medicated Powder $4.99


About Bismoline

Bismoline Medicated Powder was developed over 100 years ago. Formulated as a general-purpose medicated talcum powder, the product has not changed significantly since that time. It still coats skin with a protective film that aids in the prevention and relief of minor skin irritations. Bismoline has a loyal following in much of northeastern United States.

Bismoline Manufacturing Company was founded by Acton Ash LeFevre, a pharmacist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After graduation from pharmacy college in 1894, he purchased a local drug store, renaming it A. A. LeFevre's Popular Price Drug Store "with prices as small as pin points."

LeFevre originally formulated a medicated talcum powder about 1899. Three years later the Bismoline name was trademarked. A picture of his daughter appears on the first container in which Bismoline was sold.

By 1915 LeFevre had moved the drugstore to a new location and had repackaged the product as "Bismoline, the original borated bismuth talcum powder" in a distinctive 3.25 ounce tin with an illustration of flowers.

LeFevre died in 1927 and the drugstore was then managed by his widow, Fannie LeFevre. She soon sold the drug store to Elmer Bowman and Chauncy Longenecker who renamed it Queen Pharmacy. They became the sole distributors of Bismoline; however, Mrs. LeFevre continued to operate the Bismoline Manufacturing Company.

She finally sold the manufacturing operation to Bowman in 1945. In that same year the familiar pink and blue container was introduced. Bowman's son, H. Robert, took over the business in 1974

In 1979 the company was purchased by Robert Schroeder, Arthur Keen, Martin Keen, and Irel Buckwalter. The new owners moved the business to 415 South Queen Street. A few years later, the office was moved to nearby 411 South Queen Street, where it remains today. Arthur Keen is general manager of Bismoline.

Recently the familiar metal container was changed to plastic, but other than the packaging, Bismoline utilizes the same formula developed by Acton LeFevre a century ago. One hundred years of soothing and comforting people - at a price everyone can afford - is an achievement few products can match.

Ingredients and Directions for Use


Bismoline Medicated Powder was formulated around the turn of the century. It has not changed significantly since that time. The ingredients are: talc, boric acid, zinc oxide, bismuth subnitrate, magnesium carbonate, and fragrance.


Bismoline is designed to cool, soothe, and comfort tender skin. To get the best results, follow these simple instructions:

·         Shake powder into your hand and smooth onto skin.

·         Babies: Use Bismoline as an aid in the prevention of diaper rash and chafing. Also for soothing and comforting prickly heat. Use after each diaper change and bath to absorb moisture and provide protection against skin irritations.

·         Adults: Bismoline is cooling, comforting and soothing to your skin. Use after every shower or bath to reduce irritation, chafing, itching, and wetness. Bismoline absorbs moisture and provides deodorant action keeping you dry and refreshed all day. Relieves hot, itching feet and is used extensively as an aid in the treatment of athlete's foot. Use daily on feet and inside shoes.

·         Before using, read directions on container. Use only as directed.


·         I find your product by far the most effective powder for all ages and for so many different skin conditions. - R. K., Silver Spring, MD

·         Of all the powders I've tried, this one does the trick. - E. C., Jordanville, NY

·         These powders are wonderful. I just wish we could buy them locally. - T. C., Davy, WV

·         I have to tell you, it's the finest product of its kind I have used in all my years, and there have been many. Don't ever change the formula, not even in the slightest. - V. H., Chula Vista, CA

·         It is excellent for skin rash, chafing, itching, and it helps heal faster. - G. F., McKeesport, PA

·         We have tried a number of other powders, but nothing has compared to Bismoline. - J. L., Lansdale, PA

·         Believe you me, there is nothing like Bismoline! - A. T., Punxsutawney, PA