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Authentic Amish Made Print Quillows (Quilt/Pillow)

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A quillow is a combination pillow and quilt. Folded into its sewn-in pouch the quillow is a decorative and useful pillow that measures 18" x 18".  Unfolded the quillow is a quilt that measures 60" x 42" providing comfort and warmth. (Please allow 7 > 10 days for shipping)
Only $69
See how to fold a quillow.

Cat Quillow  - Add To Cart 

Two Cats with Yarn Quillow  - Add To Cart 

Two Cats Quillow  - Add To Cart 

Cat with Books Quillow - Add To Cart 

Quillow Dog with Pups - Add To Cart 

Quillow Chickens and Sunflowers - Add To Cart 

Quillow Mallards in the Marsh  - Add To Cart  

Quillow Wolf in Winter KK1 - Add To Cart  

Quillow Dog with Pups KK #2 - Add To Cart 

Quillow Deer KK1 - Add To Cart 

Quillow Ducks KK 1 - Add To Cart 

Quillow Ducks KK 2 - Add To Cart 

Quillow Roses  - Add To Cart 

Quillow Wolf  - Add To Cart 

Quillow Two Wolves - Add To Cart 

Deer Quillow MM 1 - Add To Cart 

Thomas Train Quillow - Add To Cart 

Thomas Train Quillow 2 - Add To Cart 

Chicken with Chicks Quillow MM 1 - Add To Cart 

Rooster Quillow MM 1  - Add To Cart 

Bear Quillow KK 1

Bears Quillow KK2

Quillow Wolf in Winter KK3 - Add To Cart  

Quillow Horse KK1 - Add To Cart  

Quillow Horse KK2 - Add To Cart  

Quillow Patchwork MM2 - Add To Cart  

How To Fold A Quillow