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Lawn Croquet Rules

The Object of the Game: The object of the game is to move your ball, by hitting or stroking, through a series of 9 different wickets in the sequence or order shown in the diagram, and becoming a stinger and hitting all remaining balls on the court as a winner, or with the most points as a winner.

The Croquet Court: The ideal croquet court is a level lawn surface measuring 100 ft by 50 ft. However, endless variations are possible. You can reduce the size of the court to as little as 20 ft. by 10 ft. Just reduce the distances between wickets and stakes proportionally.  You can also play on sloping or rolling ground, and around trees and buildings for more of a challenge!

Before Starting the Game: Each player having his own color of ball, lining all playing balls in a row at center wicket (#4), then each player hitting his own ball, as close to starting stake as possible to see who goes first. The ball having the greatest distance from the stake goes first. However, the person going last has the advantage of possible using opponent's balls for early advancing in the start of the game.

Starting Rules: You must hit the ball with the end of the mallet; never in any situation may you use the side of the mallet. your hit must be a clear, precise hit, with no double tapping or pushing. Each player has one stroke or hit per turn, but can earn extra strokes in several ways. Mallet may not hit wicket or stake to cause your ball to move.

Starting the Game: Place your ball between starting stake and #1 wicket, at a position that ball can be hit with end of mallet through#1 and #2 wickets, then heading for #3 wicket and so on. After first player runs out of extra strokes, the next player takes his turn, and so on. Any ball not entered through #3 wicket cannot hit another ball for an extra stroke, or cannot be used by another ball that already entered through #3 wicket.

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