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Fruit Pies

All-American Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple Pie with Crumbs

Apple Pie with Caramel Crumbs

Betty's Lemon Chiffon Pie

Big Boys Strawberry Pie

Black Raspberry Crumb Pie

Blueberry Crumb Pie

Blueberry Custard Pie

Cherry Pie

Creamy Pumpkin Pie

Delicious Apple Pie

Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Pear Pie

Erma's Grape Pie

Famous Lemon Pie

French Rhubarb Pie

Fresh Peach Pie

Fresh Pear Pie

Fresh Raspberry Pie

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Fry Pies

Grandma's Lemon Pie

Ground Cherry Pie

Layer Pumpkin Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Cloud Pie

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie 2

Lemon Sponge Pie

Libby's Pumpkin Pie

Magic Apple Pie

No Crust Apple Pie

Open Face Peach Pie

Peach Pie

Peach Glaze Pie

Peach Pecan Pie

Peach Sour Cream Pie

Pear Pie

Pineapple Pie

Pineapple Sponge Pie

Prune Potpie

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Custard Pie

Pumpkin Maple Pie

Quick Snitz Pie

Rhubarb Sponge Pie

Shoestring Apple Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie 2

Streusel Apple Pie

Cream Pies

Apple Cream Cheese Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Blueberry Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

Cherry Cream Pie

Chocolate Angel Strata Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Cocoa Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Cream Pie

Cream Cheese Filling for Pie

Peach Sour Cream Pie

Peach Cream Pie

Pineapple Cream Pie

Quick Cream Cheese Pie

Raisin Cream Pie

Rhubarb Delight Pie

Rhubarb Cream Pie

Sugar Cream Pie

Other Pies

Amish Vanilla Pie

Baked Butterscotch Pie

Butterscotch Pie

Caramel Pie

Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Chiffon Pie

Chocolate Chip Pie

Chocolate Mocha Pie

Chocolate Walnut Pie

Coconut Macaroon Pie

Coconut Molasses Custard Pie

Coconut Oatmeal Pie

Coconut Pie

Cream Cheese Pecan Pie

Creamy Chocolate Crackle Pie

Crumb Pie

Custard Pie

Double Peanut Pie

Eggnog Pie

Emma's Pecan Pie

Fluffy Cranberry Cheese Pie

French Silk Chocolate Pie

Grandma's Bob Andy Pie

Grape Nut Pie

Harvest Pie

Half Moon Pies

Hershey Bar Pie

Hickory Nut Pie

Little Girl Pie

Maple Pie

Marshmallow Pie

Millionaire Pie

Mock Chocolate Pie

Mock Pecan Pie

Mounds Pie

Oatmeal Pie

Oatmeal Nut Pie

Old-Fashioned Butterscotch Pie

Oreo Pie

Other Pies Cont.

Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie II

Peanut Pie

Pecan Pie

Praline Pecan Pie

Raisin Crumb Pie

Rhubarb Cream Pie

Rhubarb Custard Pie

Rhubarb Sponge Pie

Rice Krispie Pie

Rice Krispy Pie 2

Ritz Cracker Pie

Sadie Glick's Shoo-fly Pie

Shoofly Pie

Shoofly Pie 2

Shoo Fly Pie 3

Sour Cream Pecan Pie

Snitz for Moon Pies

Sugar-free Oatmeal Pie

Surprise Pecan Pie

Union Pie

Vanilla Tart Pie

Velvet Custard Pie

Wacky Pie

Wet Bottom Shoo-fly Pie


Basic Pie Dough

Best Pie Crust

Butter Crunch Pie Crust

Chocolate Pie Shell

Cookie Pie Crust

Easy Butter Crunch Crust

Easy Pie Crust

Flaky Pie Crust

Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Oatmeal Pie Crust

Pie Crust

Pie Dough

Never Fail Pie Dough


Thank-You Pie Filling

Cherry Pie Filling

Raisin Pie Filling

Raisin Pie Filling 2

Our Featured Cookbooks

Up-Home, Down-Home represents the cultural development of recipes from the most intimate, formal setting to the easy-going, spur-of -the-moment family dinner. Quick, easy to prepare dishes include many favorites from the Chefs at the Groff's Farm Restaurant. Fully illustrated, some in color, 208 pages. Hard-cover edition.

Betty Groff's Up-Home, Down-Home Cookbook More info. and/or Buy


Betty Groff's newly revised and illustrated Country Goodness Cookbook is a virtual cornucopia of family recipes and home-spun anecdotes. This 326 page soft-cover edition has seasonal menus, common sense cooking, and microwave ideas.

Betty Groff's Country Goodness Cookbook More info. and/or Buy

From mouth-watering Amish-style main dishes to kitchen dream desserts, this on has it all. Over 600 from-scratch recipes that please the appetite and are easy on the food budget.  You'll get a whole section on canning and food preparation. The Amish, long known for their originality in the kitchen, share their favorites with you. This 275 page spiral bound cookbook has over 600 recipes .

Cooking with the Horse & Buggy People - More info. and/or Buy

Taste the old fashioned goodness of Amish style chicken, experience the delight of mouth watering apple pie. If you want authenticity - then get a piece of homemade goodness - Cooking with the Horse & Buggy People II. This 320 page spiral bound cookbook has over 600 recipes.

Cooking with the Horse & Buggy People II More info. and/or Buy

 Fix up your favorite meal and enjoy the beauty of quilts at the same time with the new Amish Quilting Cookbook. Its 130 pages are packed with 316 favorite recipes from 58 of Lone Star Quilt Shop's quilters. Twenty of their finest quilts are featured in color throughout the book.  The book is wrapped in a concealed spiral binding to help avoid spiral tangles while it keeps all the conveniences of traditional spiral.  Fourteen sections from Amish wedding foods to snacks.  136 pages.

Amish Quilting Cookbook More info. and/or Buy

 All the favorites of the Belle Center Amish Community.  Over 600 of today's family favorites, and even some from Grandma's kitchen. All the usual sections are here. But what makes Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread special is the appetizers, large quantity recipes (for weddings, reunions, and other special occasions) and the children's recipe section. The tips, hints, and quotes section is filled with everyday kitchen secrets. Laminated cover - Spiral bound - 263 pages.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread More info. and/or Buy

 Table for Two sets the table with all the Amish food favorites--just for two! Sam and Amy Miller and their extended family have shared 438 of their best recipes in helpings that won't leave a week of leftovers if there are only two at your house. Mouthwatering food, for just the two of you. Laminated cover - Spiral bound - 207 pages.

Table for Two More info. and/or Buy

 Here's a chance to experience the wedding of Amish bride Miriam Miller.  Relax and sip the drink served at her bridal table.  Enjoy the hearty main dishes and mouthwatering desserts served to her 500 guests.  Miriam shares glimpses into the wedding as she talks about the preparation and serving of food on her special day. The icing on the cake with Wooden Spoon Wedding Sampler cookbook is that Aden's (Miriam's husband) family members have opened their recipe boxes and shared over 350 of their family favorites! Laminated cover - Spiral bound - 240 pages.

Wooden Spoon Wedding Sampler More info. and/or Buy

 More than a cookbook... a collection of scenic Lancaster County country photographs entwined with Betty's stories and recollections. Written from the heart and soul, this book passes on a traditional way of life as well as some of the best Pennsylvania German country recipes. With vivid memories of her childhood, Betty Groff recalls the ways of family farm life among the "plain people" of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The recipes for the delicious food from her family's kitchen have been passed down and perfected by Betty's decades of experience as a restaurateur. Basics, light fare, and exquisite traditional main and dessert dishes are easily prepared from Betty's easy-to-follow recipes using plenty of garden vegetables and fresh fruits. Beloved for preserving Pennsylvania German culinary arts, this book presents the best of Betty's stories and recipes in her tradition.

Betty Groff Cookbook: Pennsylvania German Recipes More info. and/or Buy


This excellent collection of authentic Amish recipes will be a treasured addition to any cookbook collection. Includes Amish home remedies. 217 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", comb bound, illustrated.

The Amish Way Cookbook

More info. and/or Buy


Experience the homemade goodness of Amish canning recipes which have survived the test of time. These wonderful recipes have been handed down through generations of Amish homemakers who have graciously agreed to share them with us all. Included in Canning the Amish Way is a section of Amish Home Remedies, a handy reference for treating simple health problems with natural substances.

Canning the Amish Way More info. and/or Buy

Here's an intimate visit to the Amish home and food of 17-year-old Miriam Miller. Miriam's mom, grandma and aunts open their recipe boxes here. In addition to sharing her families favorite authentic time-tested recipes, Miriam shares childhood memories, stories, and personal details of her life as a young Amish girl. Take a walk through Miriam's life with art and stories about her home, and everyday activities. 194 pages. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" spiral bound. Laminated cover. Double indexed. The Wooden Spoon Cookbook More info. and/or Buy
When Norman and Marlena Miller, along with the entire Evart, MI Amish community, set out to compile their family favorites, they did so with a song and plenty of inspirations. And that's exactly the recipe they used for Cooking With Praise. This cookbook has a delicious spread of Amish favorites: Potato Salad, Poor Man's Steak, Tator-Tot Casserole, and Oreo Pudding, to name a few. Then there are the seven sections for those who watch their diet. Then like a good cook who adds a pinch of this and a dash of that, bringing the taste to perfection, the Millers have added hymns and inspirational thoughts throughout. Cooking With Praise is ready for your table and your guests. 450 recipes. 254 pages. Spiral bound with laminated covers. Fully indexed.
Cooking With Praise
More info. and/or Buy
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